Presentation at SOAS: “Translation Technology”, by Natascha Jaeger

Back in November, I was invited to give a presentation to the MA translation students at SOAS in London. As I had recently made the transition from in-house to freelance translator, this was a great opportunity for me to reflect on the profession. What skills will these students need to succeed in the translation world? For me, one of the answers is in the name of the module I was offered a session in: “Translation Technology”. A few years ago, this was still considered something of a bonus but I have no doubt that today’s students will be expected to know what CAT tools are available and how to use them. Yet an interest in language technology often doesn’t come naturally to the budding translator and even seasoned professionals would agree that the excitement lies in the manual aspect, the creative process, not in the applying of translation memories. An unavoidable dilemma of the modern world? I don’t think so. CAT tools do not replace the creative aspect but provide a convenient way to deal with repetitions, work with various file types and other technical/administrative concerns. In my presentation, I highlighted how technology enables me to focus on the linguistic task while working as efficiently as possible. To this aim, I included some real-life examples that illustrate how I personally make use of it and what features really stand out for me.

*** To find out what these examples are and learn more about CAT tool technology, look out for Natascha’s presentation on the same topic at the Mining Institute, Newcastle upon Tyne, in May 2014! ***


One thought on “Presentation at SOAS: “Translation Technology”, by Natascha Jaeger

  1. The presentation at SOAS was excellent and gave My MA students a taste of what it is to be a freelance translator in the modern age.

    Burcin Mustafa

    MA teacher Translation Technology

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